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Here we go.........

Posted on: December 27, 2010 9:29 am
Ok. Now that Christmas has passed, I have a little time to opine.

I have never been a big Tony Romo fan, but........I can't wait for next season when he gets back on the field! Jon Kitna played well at times in relief and probably will be back next year, but the AZ game was obviously a disaster!

It's now time to start looking at the draft. Wait, is there going to be a draft this year? And if so, when?
Realizing the Cowboys need a CB & OL first, I would love to see CB Prince Amukamara or OG Rodney Hudson wearing the star next year.
They also could bring in a veteran OL as Romo HAS to have protection and time to throw. Hopefully Roy Williams will be gone and Dez Bryant will have a full season. Ok, what I'm about to say next will probably make some fans mad, but it has to said. Trade Miles Austin. Drops. How many times have we seen a blazing WR that can't catch the ball? I don't think Austin is a Dwayne Bowe who seems to have overcome his case of the drops in KC. Having lived in KC the last few years, up to this season I never would've wanted Bowe on the Cowboys, but I would gladly have him over Austin today AND in the future. 
With that being said, Dez needs a real threat to catch passes and make plays opposite him to be a true threat. Vincent Jackson will probably leave SD and it would be a dream to have him on the Cowboys. 

Alright. Enough for now. I will do more research on draft picks and have more on that soon. Also upcoming is my take on Jason Garrett as the head coach in 2011 and beyond.
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